Remembering Your Destiny: The Twelve Practices

Tired of theory that doesn’t translate to “real life?” Ready for something that really works? In Remembering Your Destiny, you will not only find food for thought, you will learn hands-on practices to propel you into your intended destiny, sure-footed and well-prepared. You will learn how to:

  •  connect with that part of you that remembers your destiny
  • articulate your destiny in an action-oriented manner
  • access the pre-birth contract you made about the role you play in healing the world
  • realize the full spectrum of your gifts and talents
  • discard your excuses and action which impede complete expression of your destiny
  • live fully in the glory for which you were created
  • develop “practical mysticism” as a way of life.

Through the use of ground-breaking exercises and new tools developed for this process, you bring to full flower the possibilities inherent in a life without limits.  203 Pages

Remembering Your Destiny: The Twelve Practices
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