Live Impossibly: Go Beyond Yourself

In her ongoing mission to help people create the life of their dreams, this book from Dr. Pam Murray will help you go beyond what you think is possible. Her simple, practical life-tools, sprinkled with spiritual thoughts and true-life stories, will help you take those next steps.

Living Impossibly means that you don’t take life for its face value. You see beyond the appearances, work with Universal principles, and learn to walk in the flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

You will learn how to identify impeding beliefs you may not even know you have. You will then be able to remove them and install empowering beliefs.

 You will learn how to move in the power of favor and use the law of command to bring about  more of what you want.

 You’ll learn how to create a vacuum to draw to you what you are seeking. You’ll begin to understand your personal style of risking and find out the types and levels of risk that work for you.

 The power of increase will help you understand universal laws of multiplication. Self-management is an important part of this process and you’ll learn how to create more space in your life so you have room for what you want to do.

 Developing your intuition is not as hard as you might think, especially if you use Pam’s simple processes to listen to guidance from within.

 This book is an easy read, with fun exercises and great insights.

 Above all:  Live Impossibly!


Live  Impossibly: Go Beyond Yourself
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